Budapest Travel Diary - Part 1 - Food, Drink and Tips

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

So if you haven't seen anything I've put on social media recently and are still blissfully unaware that I just returned from a trip to Budapest, worry not! I am about to fill you in with everything I got up to, my favourite places there and some general tips on what to expect.

I recently did a travel diary on the Canary Islands and enjoyed writing it so much that I knew I had to jump on this too. This is the first time I have visited Budapest, and I absolutely loved it and am already planning going back in the summer! It's such a vibrant and colourful city with so much to explore and if you're looking to travel more in Europe I'd definitely recommend starting here!

Basic Tips and info about Budapest

  • I travelled with friends (from my university society) so we were in a group of 19, meaning we booked a hostel and flights etc. through a travel company that specialises in uni group trips
  • I would definitely recommend the hostel we stayed in, called The Hive Party Hostel, as it was in an amazing location. As the name suggests however, it did stay very loud with music until the early hours, so if you're going for more of a leisurely trip I would perhaps recommend looking at somewhere else! 
  • We stayed in the Jewish quarter of the city, which is a lovely part of the city, also round the corner from Europe's largest synagogue, which was a beautiful building to look around
  • If in a smaller group have a browse of air bnb as they have a tonne of places in the city for very good value.
  • The flight time from London Gatwick is around 2h30, so it's a pretty reasonable flight time, and they're one hour ahead in Budapest.
  • The exchange rate for Hungarian Florint is insane as their currency is very different to ours! I got £110 converted to 34,000 HUF (Hungarian Florint), meaning 300 Florints was around the equivalent to £1(ish)
  • Budapest is actually split into Buda and Pest by the Danube river. We stayed on the Buda side, which is much more vibrant and buzzing. Pest is more cultural and has some awesome buildings and sightseeing
  • Budapest is generally very reasonably priced, and if you search a bit wider you will definitely get your moneys worth!
  • They have a fantastic tram/metro/bus network and you can also easily get taxis to and from the aiport
  • The temperature in Budapest is quite similar to the UK, but it does tend to get a few degrees colder/warmer in summer/winter time than it does here!
My first ever ride on a tram!

So, most importantly, what is there to do in Budapest?!

If you are a foodie or love your drink, then Budapest is THE PERFECT destination for you. The first night we arrived in Budapest we treated ourselves to Goulash at this restaurant (traditional Hungarian dish, A kind of beef stew) and a pint of Hungarian beer, brewed in Budapest itself called Dreher, which to my dismay is unavailable to purchase in the UK... (perhaps I'll have to go back for it). We were also a few minutes walk from an amazing street food market (called Karavan Budapest) which had traditional Hungarian food (such as Goulash and Chimney Cakes... yum) as well as some incredible burgers, pasta, pizza and WAFFLES. They also had a whole stall selling vegan food so there was a great range to choose from!

There was also an amazing burger place across from our hostel called 'Deep Burger'. They had quite a few of these across the city and the burgers were so so good. They also had fish/veggie options (the goats cheese burger looked insane). 

Also how cute is the d├ęcor?!

We visited quite a large number of bars/clubs to take advantage of Budapest's cheap alcohol, and the fact that their bars and clubs are awesome and so much cooler than the UK. One of my favourite's was called Szimpla Kurt, not far from where we stayed, which was decorated so nicely and had loads of different rooms to it (a lot of the bars/clubs in Budapest are like this)

One of my favorite things we did was the 'Backpackers Pub Crawl' where we were taken round by a guide to 3/4 different pubs before ending up at a club (where we ended up taking over the karaoke room for a while), which also got us some free shots and drinks. If you want to do that kind of thing I'd definitely recommend going on this because it was hilarious and we got to visit so amazing bars!

I'll be back for part 2 very soon, this has been in my drafts for over a month so I'm really happy to actually share it with you! 

That wall was at Anker't bar, go visit it!

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