Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Hyde Park)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

First of all, I'd like to apologise, it seems as though I managed to break Blogmas after 3 days... oops. My weekend was so hectic! I work every Saturday, and then had more work Christmas party, which was actually really fun!

Anyway, I got up VERY early on Sunday morning to make my way down to London, to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park! I'd never been before and was so excited to finally go after years of saying 'I really must go this year'. I made my way on the tube to Marble Arch from Liverpool St (I had to come from Norwich first). After having a bit of trouble locating each other, I finally met Henry and his 2 friends after what seemed like hours of saying 'are you near the Christmas tree... or the big wheel...where are you now?' It's a lot bigger than you think.

On first impressions, Winter Wonderland was just that, wonderful. There were swarms of kids with families, but plenty of couples and groups of adults who were coming for a fun day out and probably to drink a substantial amount of mulled wine! We'd managed to book a slot in the Ice Bar which was fantastic. I'd never been in to an ice bar before, but this exceeded all my expectations! Our tickets also came with a cocktail, served in a glass of ice! The room was full of ice work and places to sit, and we were also given ponchos and gloves to try and combat the cold! I'd definitely recommend going to this if you get the chance as it's a really unique and fun experience.

Another highlight was being able to go on the giant ferris wheel. It was just getting dark as we got on it, so we got to see the whole site lit up from above, and it was so pretty. It was a lot higher up than I anticipated and we got the best view!

If you like rides (which I don't really) then this would be the place of your dreams! All the rides looked great for those thrill seekers out there, but I was more at home in the bars trying some baileys hot chocolate or mulled wine! There's so much food on offer here as well, so if you want waffles, donuts, chocolate, ANYTHING sweet or yummy, you'll find it here.

All in all, Winter Wonderland was a great day out, although if you're looking for a cheap day out, ths is definitely not it, as being in London and being the huge event it is, everything is more expensive to accommodate this, but if you want a lovely fun day out for a little treat, then this is perfect and everything you'd want it to be.

Love from Lottie x


  1. This is my dream Christmas activity, I desperately need to go here! x

    Lily | Covet Luxe

    1. It's so cute here, I feel so Christmassy now! x

  2. I'm desperate to go to Winter Wonderland this year. I went to Bar Ice with my boyfriend last year and it was such a lovely and unique experience. Chloe x



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