Why I stopped trying with beauty subscription boxes

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Contents of a Birchbox from 2014

Throughout the 4 years I have been blogging, I feel like I've tried every beauty subscription box under the sun. I've had subscriptions to: Glossybox, Birchbox, Latest in Beauty, Love Me Beauty, You Beauty Discovery Box in the past, and most recently, My Little Box. These of course, were not all at the same time as that would be rather a lot of pennies...

Beauty subscription boxes are fantastic in many ways. Beauty subscription sites often let you tailor your profile so that they send you products more relevant to your needs. Others let you physically pick the items that you have within the box. Many view subscription boxes as a 'try before you buy' type thing, as they are often a mix of sample size products, along with some full size ones.

At first this idea thrilled me. I loved being able to explore new brands and products that I would have never thought to use before and through subbing to these boxes, I discovered many brands that I still love and use today. I always liked the slightly luxurious element of the boxes too. Often it has been a way to try more high end, expensive brands that I never would've been able to get my hands on. The fact is, they are great value for money. If you add up the cost of everything you receive within your box and then compare to the original price you paid for the box, you've nearly always made quite a significant saving... but have you?

Do you know what? Nearly all the unused beauty items that I have piled in my room have come from, yes you guessed it, beauty subscription boxes. Don't get me wrong, I have found many gems under the lids of these boxes, however there are so many items that have come from them that are lying around in my drawers, untouched since I've taken them out the box.

This isn't the first time I've felt a bit unfulfilled with beauty boxes, even 2014 me knew something was up when I wrote a post about why I was disappointed with a Glossybox I had received!

Since becoming a student I quickly realised that beauty boxes were not really something I could justify supplementing into my tight student budget, and that it was fairly wasteful to be purchasing these boxes knowing that probably at least 2 or 3 of the products inside there would remain unused after I first intially tried them.

One of the main reasons I started subbing to these boxes was for the purpose of reviewing them. They've always been quite easy to write and photograph well. I would always find this becoming quite mundane after a few months subbing to a particular box and also became repetitive after a while. This would eventually lead me to stop feeling inspired to review them, meaning that they didn't really feel worthwhile buying. As well as this, I felt the products themselves becoming repetitive! Don't even ask me how many times I've received some kind of sample size product from Benefit, because it's definitely once (or 5 times) too many!

I'd rather spend the extra money I spent on subscribing to these boxes, on trying new products recommended to me by other bloggers and definitely think this is what I will do in the future if I want to try something new. Hit me up with your favourite product reviews in the comments, I'd love to read them!

Lottie x


  1. Such a helpful post! I've always been curious about whether to subscribe to a beauty box but I feel a lot more sure after ready this!

  2. I used to love subscription boxes, and I still do. For the same reasons of trying new products that I would usually never try. And also to review them and I would usually write blog posts on what I got in my box. But I have stopped my one because I wanted to save money and also, I was piling up on products that I didn't really need at the moment. So I see exactly what you mean by having many products that you don't use. Great post :)


    1. Yeah exactly! That's why I stopped too :'( thanks for your comment! <3

  3. I've heard a lot about beauty boxes and a few of my friends subscribe to them but I'm with you on the fact that I would rather spend the money on seeing what other bloggers and people review about products than spend each month and products that I most likely won't use and will store up in my room ha x

    S x

    1. Yes exactly! They can be so fun to sub to and I love trying new things but I feel like I'm wasting so much too! :'( x

  4. They're great every now and then but having a sub all the time can be such a waste of money. K x

  5. I totally agree, I have so many bits lying around from beauty boxes!! Waste of money I think
    Molly x

  6. I never bought one.. this is such useful info.. Thank you for the advice

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