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Monday, 12 June 2017

Inspired by the absolutely wonderful Megan, I thought I would start publishing my stats every month. I have personally found Megan's posts so informative and as someone who is very interested in looking at and analysing statistics I thought I'd share mine with you too!

I really struggled to be active on my various blogging platforms last month. I had an absolute tonne of uni work, which is thankfully all complete. I generally struggled to find the motivation to be creative in the month of May and had many lazy evenings trying to wind down after a few weeks of deadlines that kept coming at me! I last blogged on the 3rd May, after the Blogger's who Brunch event so thought it would be interesting to see in what had happened to my stats in a month when I was very inactive.


I reached my goal of 500 followers at the beginning of last month, which led to me doing a giveaway. I am now on 612 followers as of right now, and Twitter tells me that I have gained 70 followers in the last month (28 days) which is fantastic! While I haven't been as active as usual, I can probably say that my surge in following is partly down to my giveaway, but also the fact I met and connected with so many new bloggers at the #BWBLaunch event back at the beginning of last month. I would love to reach 650 by the end of the month.

Unsurprisingly, apart from my follower count, everything else Twitter wise was lower in this month. I only put out 61 tweets, which although may sound like a lot, is nothing for me: a self confessed serial tweeter! I definitely haven't been involved with Blogger chats much in the past few weeks which I think is probably the main reason for this. Luckily, I have the time for these once again.


I gained 101 followers on Instagram this month which I am so pleased with! I've definitely started to try and put out better content on Instagram and vary what I post in order to avoid being 'shadow-banned' or whatever the next Instagram controversy is! My most liked post this month got 105 likes, a picture of myself wearing a bargain £6 T Shirt from Primark (they've definitely upped their game in recent months). I posted 6 times in May, which is less than normal but I'm quite surprised I managed to post at all due to the amount of times I was attempting all-nighters to finish essays...

At the moment I am definitely struggling to maintain my follower count, probably due to not posting as regularly as I had been and have been around the 470 mark for the past week, but would love to hit 500 by July 1st!


I only gained 10 followers on Bloglovin' this month and am now at 327 followers. To be really honest with you all, I haven't been trying to make use of Bloglovin' so much because I find it a bit difficult to use and I know a lot of followers I have on there aren't active anymore so don't put so much time or energy into trying to direct people towards it!

Blogger/Google Analytics

In May I had 926 page views, which is mad! I'm nearly at my target of 20,000 total blog views and hope to hit that in the next month or 2 (currently around 18,500 I think). It makes me so happy that people are still looking at and interacting with my content, even when I'm not putting out anything fresh, so thank you all! My most popular post was my 'Uni Tips: what I've learnt in first year' post, which I am so pleased that so many people have read as my advice is genuinely sincere and I do really want to help people who are in positions that I have been in and hopefully give them a helping hand. I only posted once within May, which is not great, I want to try and get myself back to posting weekly over the summer: possibly more if I can!

Overall, it's been a bit hit and miss this month. Although I have increased my followers, I haven't put out much content meaning I've also lost followers at the same time!! I'm very excited to post about my holiday which I'm going on next Tuesday to Lanzarote, and have a lot of fun things I will be up to soon and can't wait to take some pictures and be more active again.

Lottie x

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