My favourite palette ever?

Saturday, 22 April 2017

I love eyeshadow palettes way to much for my own good. This one in particular is the Stila 'In the Light Palette'. I have raved about Stila a lot on Twitter to people looking for new brands, as Stila is a UK brand (stocked in store in M&S and I also think some Boots stores?) but I also feel that it's so underrated due to the amazing quality of all their products! 

I bought this palette around a year ago as it was on sale on their website and could finally justify buying it, so it's a bit of a throwback! However, it's not all good news as this palette as well as the 'In the Garden' palette are no longer stocked by Stila, I guess to make way for bigger and better things... how exciting!

This palette features 10 shades, a mixture of matte and shimmer including everyone's favourite nude shimmer 'kitten' and a host of other super pretty colours. These are all super pigmented and long lasting and the top left shade 'bare' also makes the perfect eyeshadow base for any look. I love how well all these shades blend together and compliment each other amazingly. It's the perfect kind of palette for lovely summer day looks but the shimmer shades give it that sense of glam as well.

Did I mention that it also came with a free eyeliner stick (which is amazing btw)

All in all, this palette is beautiful and I'm super sad they don't stock it anymore. However, having looked at their newer palettes I think I know what will be in my shopping bag once I've finished this one!

Have a lovely weekend

Lottie x

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