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Thursday, 2 June 2016

I've been eyeing up Soap and Glory's new range of lipsticks ever since they appeared in Boots a few weeks back and realising I had a points coupon to use up I gathered that was good enough excuse to try them out and these did not disappoint, they are absolutely beautiful!

The new 'Sexy Mother Pucker' range consists of 3 different categories: nudes, pinks and reds, which vary between satin, shine and matte finishes. They're priced at £9 each (Boots currently have buy one get one half price as well!) which I think is a very reasonable price considering the quality of the lipsticks themselves as well as how beautifully packaged they are!

I picked up two, the first from the Nudes range, called 'Super Nude' which is a beautiful nude matte lipstick not too dissimilar to Mac's Velvet Teddy. I've been wearing this one loads since I bought it; it feels so lovely on and isn't at all drying on my lips. The colour is absolutely perfect for my rather pale complexion.

The other is 'Pink up, Girl', with a Satin finish. This is from their pinks range and goes on just as lovely with a slightly sheerer coverage. It's a brighter pink but the satin finish means it's not too overwhelming! I always find brighter colours a bit of a challenge and normally end up taking them off really quickly, however this was just about enough for me to handle without wanting to wipe it off straight away.

I'll definitely consider that progress for me anyway but might steer away from the matte reds for a little while longer...

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Let me know in the comments what you thought!

Lottie x

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