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Friday, 24 June 2016

On Thursday I made my way up to London for The Blogger's Hangout event. It's the first big bloggers event I've ever attended so I was so excited! If you know me as blogger, you will know that I took around a year out of blogging and have recently got back into posting an engaging with the community. However something I have found is that I am completely out of the loop with everything that is going on! I thought bloggers hangout, an event I was already familiar with, was a perfect opportunity to help inspire me to blog and get back into the swing of things.

I met with Laura before the event and we went for a bite to eat and treated ourselves to cocktails. We then met with Alice and Jess and headed off to the event. After a bit of trouble understanding exactly where Google Maps wanted us to go, we managed to find the location of the event.

It was held in an Art Gallery building near Charing Cross, which was lovely but also very airtight and stuffy... not great on one of the hottest days of the year!Anyway, the event got underway and we went and mingled, getting to talk to fellow bloggers and some companies who had joined us.

Jess, Alice and I

We headed downstairs first, greeted by jars or marshmallows, candyfloss and a polaroid camera.

I got chatting to the girls at Primal Pantry. As someone who finds it so hard to snack on good foods, the Primal Pantry offered Vegan snack bars which were super tasty! I have tried Nakd bars in the past and found that these were just as delicious. 

Next, Sass and Belle. As you can see, their homeware is absolutely beautiful. I have been to their shop in Brighton on many occasions and often pick up something small for my room, so I was delighted to see that they were at the event! They were showing off their new summer range, which I think you can agree with me in that it is so so cute! I will definitely be purchasing a couple of bits before I go off to uni in September. 

Alfred&Wilde are a company that product a beautiful selection of homeware/jewellery, with different geometric prints. Their mugs were particularly beautiful; I really want one!

Cocktail Mania managed to offer some relief from the hot weather with their cocktail slushies


I was so excited to talk to Pink Parcel as they're a brand I was aware of and think their concept is fantastic. They offer monthly boxes to help with periods, so will supply you with all your pads/tampons etc that you need along with some tea to help with cramps, and some beauty treats and things to help you through. I honestly think this is one of the best boxes around and will be reviewing soon.

The day was great and it was lovely to get to talk to some really lovely companies with a range of fantastic products, and always fab to meet some fellow bloggers! I will be reviewing some of the products I received very soon so keep an eye out!

Have you ever been to a bloggers hangout event?

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  1. I'm so gutted I missed out on this fabulous event, it looked amazing! I've been to only one event before and that was Bloggers Ball! It was really cool.


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