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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

So I have officially finished my exams and it is a lovely, lovely feeling. I also managed to spend my wages very quickly, which I am now slightly regretting, however a parcel came in the post today, and it was my Benefit order!

Benefit offer a deal where you are able to put together your own little make-up set for £66. You get to pick 4 different products, and you can see from the picture above what I picked! I have wanted to try Roller Lash ever since it came out, and I am definitely not disappointed, it is wonderful! I am so excited to try all of these products and have wanted to try a primer for ages, and having received a sample of 'that gal' primer before, I decided to go for it and pick the full size version. The main reason I started to love Benefit products was because of their extremely pretty packaging, and the quality of all their products never fails to amaze me, even after initially being drawn in for other reasons. 

I also received 2 free samples, and a free travel set called 'first class glosses' which I am excited to use also. I feel quite bad for managing to spend most of my wages in the first few days of getting paid, but it's so bloody tempting...

I am off for summer for 3 months, as I start at a new college in September to finish my A2 year, so will be blogging a lot! Cannot wait to get back into a proper routine of blogging regularly as I have really missed being able to ramble to you lovely lot.

Lottie x

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  1. You picked some fab products, I love Roller Lash! Enjoy your summer :-)

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'


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