I'm back!!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hello my lovely and loyal readers of my very average blog

It recently occured to me that I haven't actually blogged properly since October.

Let's just let that sink in a minute.

Done? awesome.

I have been wanting to blog again for so long, believe me, but things have been very busy and school has taken over everything else fun in my life this year, which is a shame. I've had a rather tough time recently: I haven't been very happy at school, I've had some problems in my family/with friends and I've not really been myself which is really not great but I'm really working on trying to be happier again.

I remembered recently how happy blogging made me last year so have decided to finally rekindle my love of blogging after a 6 month hiatus. I have tried to write posts over the past few months and I have about 10 or so half written posts in my drafts but failed to produce anything I was satisfied to post. I finally got the motivation back to come onto blogger and complete a post for you all to read just to let you know that I am alive and that I have not left the blogosphere for good!

Anyway I'll just update you on a few things that happened in the past few months:

  • I dropped one of my AS Levels (economics)
  • I got a job at M&S (this was a Christmas job, so I was only there a few weeks but they were a great company to work for)
  • I turned 17
  • Christmas
  • I tried whiskey (10/10 would not recommend)
  • I decided that I am going to move schools for year 13 and go to a college instead to finish A Levels
  • I GOT A JOB AT BOOTS (!!!)

If you want to hear anything about the things mentioned above then drop me a tweet or leave a lovely comment, but I promise I will be back now for good because blogging has given me so much happiness and I want to continue to better my writing and meet even more new people through this wonderful platform.

Love you all so very much

Lottie x


  1. So nice to see you back blogging! I know how you feel, this year is super hard! Congrats on your job at Boots, being surrounded by makeup all day doesn't seem too bad aha! My friend also dropped economics this year and she's really benefited from not doing a 4th AS level.

    Alex xxx
    Stella Et0ile


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