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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Recently I have been absolutely obsessed with lip balms. The Maybelline Baby Lips have become a firm favourite of mine over the past few months and I love the tinted ones especially. They manage to inject a nice splash of colour even when you don't want to go all out with a lipstick. One thing I have been lacking is a nice colourless lip balm, so when I saw that they were selling Balmi lip balms in my local Tesco Extra, I knew I had to take one home with me! I picked the raspberry flavour which smells INCREDIBLE and I can't get enough of it! The lip balm provides SPF 15 and UVA protection making it a brilliant product all year round. It is unique in application as you glide it onto your lips without building up bacteria in the product like you do in some of the vaseline tins ect. It also comes with a keyring/phone charm attachment making it perfect for on the go and the perfect summer accessory! The lip balm feels really nourishing on my lips making them lovely and smooth and the lovely smell of it just makes the product so appealing. It retails at £4.99 but is currently on offer in Boots so grab it cheaper while you can!

Have you tried Balmi? What is your favourite lip balm?


  1. This looks like a great product, Maybelline have some non-tinted lip balms which are just as amazing and I use them all the time x

    1. I've tried the hydrate one, I quite liked that but I've barely used it! I will have to try it again I think, and thanks :-) x


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