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Monday, 26 May 2014

Hey everyone!

So I realise it's been a while, and I'm sorry for that, but my exams have taken over at the moment and I have found myself having to prioritise them over everything. Unfortunately, this includes blogging, so I've had to let my blog take a bit of a back-seat. Thankfully I'm now on half term week which is giving me some time to update a bit more and also write some posts in advance for when I go back to school. 
I've actually finished school for the year now (!!) and I only have to go back in for exams of which I have 8 left so I am getting there! I've got all the hardest exams out of the way now which has made me a lot more relaxed! 

This weekend I have really procrastinated an awful lot and a considerable amount of time has been spent in bed. One thing I did do was try some looks for prom which I thought I would share with you as I was pretty proud of the fishtail plait. I thought a fishtail plait would be a nice look for prom as it's quite a casual but classy look at the same time. My hair has got super long now which means this style works a lot better for me than it used to. It is one that looks great messy so if you've got lots of layers or your hair isn't super long, then this can still work really well with any outfit. If you've got curly/wavy hair like me and want to go for quite a sleek finish then I would advise you to straighten your hair first because it makes it a lot easier to style and work with and you can always mess it up a bit after for the perfect finish. 

For my make-up I decided to try two-tone eye shadow and I really like the finish I got. I used the Maybelline 'Color tattoo 24 hour' in 'On and On Bronze' and MUA eye shadow in 'Pearl' to achieve this look as I wanted quite a neutral look but with a bit of brightness as well. I then used Maybelline 'Color tattoo 24 hour' in 'Pink Gold' to balance out the colour slightly. I then applied the Collection 2000 'Extreme felt tip liner' in black over this. For my concealer I used Collection 2000 'Lasting Perfection' Concealer in 'Fair' and for my foundation I used Rimmel 'Stay Matte' in 'Ivory'. To add a slight glow to my cheeks I used the MUA blush in 'English Rose'. I love this colour as it gives me a bit of a rosy glow but isn't too bright and striking which I like because I'm still not confident with using a lot of blusher because I'm quite pale and I can't work out whether it suits me or not! For my lips I used the Revlon 'Colorburst matte balm' in 'Elusive'. This again is a pink shade but isn't too intense. It also has a lovely peppermint smell to it which makes me love the product even more! Finally, my nails. I recently purchased the Barry M Silk Nail Paint in 'Truffle'. This is a dull gold sort of colour which goes quite well with my prom shoes so I thought I'd try it. It gives a really lovely finish and is really quick drying which is perfect for prom.

I can't wait till my prom and if anyone has any ideas for looks I can try out then please leave a comment down below, I'd love to hear some ideas!

Thanks for reading,
Love from Lottie x


  1. Best of luck for the rest of your exams :) It's always good to know that holidays are just at the end of the tunnel. I really like the fishtail plait and it will look lovely at prom x


    1. thank you! I am so excited for summer ahh!x


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