Tips and Tricks: Prom Dress Shopping

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

 Hello everyone!
Today I thought I would start a new series of 'Tips and Tricks' type posts as I often find myself giving people tips for various different reasons and it is also something I know people love reading; I know I definitely do!
The first in this series will be about Prom Dress Shopping. 'Prom' as a whole event is something that I think many girls look forward to throughout their secondary school years; once we got into year 11, it became something that people started to talk about a lot more. 'Prom' is a very American tradition and I know for a fact that these sort of occasions are much more recognised and widely held in the US but in the UK we often don't get as many opportunities to have special nights to dress up for through school so I think that people feel like they need to make the extra effort and therefore want to look their best.
It's difficult trying to find the right dress as you want it to be absolutely perfect for you. As much as we value other peoples opinions and love to hear 'oooh that looks lovely' or 'that dress really suits you' we're often not comfortable in something unless we completely love it ourselves and truly believe that we look great in it no matter what other people have said to us.
Prom is a one time opportunity (maybe twice if you're lucky) so make it special. Make sure you get a dress that you are comfortable in and that YOU love. Remember that you will be the person wearing that dress, and you will be wearing it all night. Don't just buy something because it's in your favourite colour or a style that is on trend if you're not completely comfortable in it. If you don't love it, then chances are you won't feel good in it either and you'll probably be more conscious of what you're wearing on the night.
This leads me nicely onto my next point which is to (try to) step out of your comfort zone. The famous Coldplay lyric says 'If you never try, then you'll never know' so don't be scared of trying dresses that you wouldn't normally try: you might be surprised at what you like!
Look in all types of shops. All women's clothes shops and department stores sell some sort of dresses, and many will have more and more coming in as we lead up to summer and prom season. Make sure you check out everything that is on offer to you and look in shops you might not normally go in or get the chance to look in as you might find something you really love! Don't necessarily go with a clear idea. If you do go with your mind set like this you will just be more disappointed when you can't find what you want. If you know exactly the kind of colour and style you want, then fine but be open to trying everything a lot more; you might find yourself coming home with something completely different to what you had in your head.
Go and try dresses on in store. This point may seem fairly obvious, but I know a few people who have been saying about getting their dresses online and therefore will have no idea of the fit or exact look of the dress. Although this is often the cheaper option (nothing wrong with being savvy) the slight downside is that you have no idea what the dress will be like on unless you have tried similar styles on before. I would recommend buying your dress in a shop as you will get to try before you buy, but if you find something you love online, just make sure you try something similar on first (before you order) to get an idea of the shape and also the size that will fit you best.
Expensive doesn't always mean the best for you. Don't feel like you have to spend a horrendous amount of money on your dress. If you are looking at more expensive shops then check out sale racks first and also, don't shy away from high street brands as they often do have fab dresses for very reasonable prices. As much as you want to feel special and expensive for prom night, you could spend £200 on a dress but you might later find one even nicer for £50 and then you will regret spending so much money that you didn't need to spend.
Finally, go with someone! A friend, your mum, nan, cousin, sister, or anyone's opinion who you value. It's good to have someone there to tell you what they think of a certain dress and help you find something that suits you. It's nice to have someone for a bit of guidance and to make sure you don't go off track...
Thanks for reading, I know this post might not be helpful to everyone, but if it helps a couple of you even just a bit then that's great :-)

 Love from Lottie x


  1. Such a lovely post! I haven't found a dress yet but this certainly gonna help. I am soo much excited for prom
    xx ani

    1. Thank you, I'm glad this helped. so am I!xx

  2. These are great tips! I've done a post similar to this with some of my tips!
    Is it your prom this year? It's mine and I'm so excited and yet so nervous! xx

    1. nice I will have a read! yes it is in June I can't wait!xx

  3. that dress is adorable with little beadings. I am too old for prob dresses, but in general the rules apply for shopping for any kind of special occasion dresses.


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