OOTD - Fresh as a Daisy

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Shoes: Office
Jacket: Topshop (most similar one on their website)

 Afternoon everyone!
This is my first ever OOTD post! As the weather was so lovely today I thought I would take a few pictures outside of what I was wearing as I have recently purchased some new dresses from Forever 21 and was wearing one today.
The Daisy print is really popular again this year, it's one of my favourite trends as I think it's so cute and it's really easy to work in an outfit whether it's through clothing or accessories and can also look modern or vintage depending on the look you go for.
I'm wearing this with my denim jacket which I brought last year from Topshop. This is one of my favourite items of clothing as I can wear it with nearly everything and it's great as it starts to get warmer as it's not too heavy and doesn't make me too hot either.
Finally my shoes. My shoes are Vans from Office that I love. These black ones are the 3rd pair that   I purchased and I will definitely buy some more as it gets closer to summer! These shoes are so versatile and go great with anything. I wear these pretty much everyday and also to school most days because they are so comfortable! They have lasted me pretty well and this particular pair are great as they never fail me and I can just throw them on!
I hope you have enjoyed this post, I want to do more OOTD posts as the weather gets warmer so I will definitely be doing more in the future.
Love from Lottie x


  1. I love your dress! It's so lovely and you really knew how to match it with the denim jacket and the Vans! I'm happy with the idea of reading more OOTD post as I'm a fan of them! Get ready for read all my comments on your next posts! :)


  2. Really nice outfit, I love that dress! The daisy print looks so nice :)

    Millie x

    1. Thank you! I love daisy print it's so pretty:-)xo

  3. Hey I like your blog and I nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award! Check out the details on my blog!



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