GLOSSYBOX JANUARY 2014 - why I'm disappointed

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello lovelies!

Hope you've all had a fab week and are having a great weekend.

I thought today I would do a review of my January 2014  Glossybox that I received in the post on Tuesday. Now initially I was excited because this was my first Glossybox and I had seen many people raving about these in the summer such as Zoella and I'd seen many a blog post about the Glossybox so I thought I'd give it a try.

However, when I opened it I was slightly disappointed. The box was titled 'Back to Basics' hence it mostly being skincare/body wash. In my opinion, the products aren't great.

These are the products I received:

'Yu - Be moisturising cream'  - I got 2 small samples of this product (which is a bit disappointing, they're tiny! I haven't tried it yet but I've heard that it's big in Japan and there are people that swear by it so I'm still quite excited to try this.

'Balance Me' super toning body wash - This is 50ml which isn't a bad size and also the full size product is quite expensive so it must be good quality. The company claims 'Our invigorating super toning wash is designed to improve skin tone, soften, smooth and encourage good circulation thanks to a unique spa-inspired blend of natural, active ingredients' so let's see if it lives up to these standards.

'Vaseline Essential Moisture Clean feeling lotion' - I was disappointed with this product as to be honest, I thought that Glossybox was all about introducing new products/brands but I thought that the inclusion of a Vaseline product was quite boring and it's also very cheap which made me feel like I'd wasted my money a bit. Nevertheless, I still look forward to trying every product so I will give it a chance. It does smell lovely as well.

'Anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer wake-up under eye patches' - Now this is probably one of my favourite products because I'm always so tired in the mornings when I go to school because I have such an early start! I love the packaging for this as well and have seen these products stocked on ASOS so I can't wait to give these a try.

'Vintage Cosmetic Company Tweezers' - This was the final product in the box and also the most expensive. These tweezers cost £8 and are from a company called 'The Vintage Cosmetic Company'. I have already used these and they are great because they are slanted which makes them much easier to use. I prefer using tweezers to getting them threaded because eyebrow threading looks painful and I'm a bit of a cheapskate! Anyway I really like these and I like that they are a nice pattern as well so I would recommend them if you use tweezers.

To sum it up, this box definitely isn't the best I've seen and if I'd been a long-time subscriber, I may have cancelled after this but as it's my first box, I'm going to carry on for a while to see if they get any better - who else is going to treat me every month otherwise?!

What are your opinions of Glossybox? Do you subscribe to a beauty box?

Thanks for reading!

Lottie x


  1. I love the glossy box. I wish it were available in my country :'(



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