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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the slight delay in posting, I have had an extremely busy week at school! Anyway, I have realised how much make up I have bought already this month so I thought I would show you!

Firstly, this lovely little set was on Amazon for £6.99. I thought this was an absolute bargain for benefit (even thought it't sample size) so I bought it! I love all of the products in here, especially the 'that girl' primer, it works so well and I might have to invest in the full size version sometime in the future.

Next, No7 mascara at £5. This was in their clearance and I desperately needed a good new mascara so I bought this without hesitation! It is great and has a good brush which fans out all your eyelashes really well. Also it's not that clumpy which is great. Secondly, 'yardley royal diamond' body spray. This was off the latest in beauty website. It has a nice fresh scent but it's also quite overpowering so I probably won't use much of it at a time. Next, this lip pen from 17 at boots which was £1! This is a really nice berry sort of colour but I don't use too much of it every time because otherwise I look too pale. Apart from that, it's a lovely colour.

Also I spotted this while queuing in boots - so a slight impulse buy here. This was £9.50 and I absolutely love all the products.

The two lipsticks are wonderful, they are great colours that are good with my skin tone. They were both on £2 as boots had a clearance sale on some of their No7 stock so I'm not sure if these will still be available to buy! The highlighter is buy 'technic' and it's basically a copy of the benefit 'high beam' complexion enhancer. I wanted to see if it was any good as it was only £2.99 so I was happy to pay that to try it out. I like it but it is more shimmery than the benefit one so if you like that then I would buy it as it's a bargain.

These 6 nail varnishes were all ones I've bought recently. The two Topshop ones are in the colours 'epiphany' (the sparkly one) and the other called is called 'overcast'. I really like the overcast nail varnish as I tend to buy blue/green colours for my nails as they go with my eyes so this colour is lovely. The topshop nail varnishes were both £3. Also the 'Mavala'  nail varnish in shade 'rouge rubis' was also off the 'latest in beauty' website and it was £2.00. I love this colour as red nail varnish is my favourite and it's also sparkly! However, it is quite hard to take off. Finally, the Rimmel nail varnishes. Rimmel nail varnishes, along with Topshop, are my favourites. They always have a long lasting colour and are good value. The light pink colour ' ring a ring O' roses' is a beautiful pastel pink colour. This is one of my favourite nail varnishes ever and have used it so much already! Secondly, the 'space dust' in the colour 'moon walking'. Now I love all things sparkly and I love this so much, but it tried it on one nail to test it after buying and it was so difficult to remove! Finally, the 'I love lasting finish' nail varnish in the colour 'double decker red'. This is a classic British red colour and I absolutely love it. Only thing is, I did find that this didn't last very long but I did only apply one coat so that was probably why.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post, I will try and post again very soon, school has just been very hectic recently and I've had so much work! 

Love you all 


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  1. Olive the nail polish! If I was a millionaire, I'd have every single color! Haha


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