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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hey lovelies!

If you don't know already, I'm taking part in the 'A* Challenge' (there's a button on the side if you want to find out more) and I thought that as a lot of you are going through mock exams right now or are thinking about starting revision for the summer, I would post a few tips to help you with your revision.

Firstly, before you start to revise:
  • Think positive! You have got this far!
  • Actually make a start - don't keep delaying it otherwise you are in danger of never starting!
  • Attend any revision sessions that teachers may be holding as they tend to focus on areas that everyone tend to be weaker on and go into detail.
  • Make sure your attendance to all lessons is good as you don't want to miss anything.
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night.
Revision Tips
  • A good night's sleep will help recharge your brain and help aid concentration. It sounds simple but is something that is so important; try to get at least 8 hours a night.
  • Following on from this, make sure you get an early night before your exams. The worst thing you can do is stay up until 2am in the morning trying to cram, you will feel awful the next day and it won't do you any good.
  • Keep the area where you do your work (e.g a desk, table ect) seperate from where you sleep.
  • Don't drink caffeinated or sugary drinks before bed as it will make it much harder to sleep. Try and drink something like tea that will calm you down.
  • Whether you have one month left, or one week, panicking isn't going to help so stay calm.
  • Pick easier topics/ones you understand better to revise first as it will boost your confidence with topics you are finding hard.
  • Highlight any areas that you need to work on so you know where to go back to first.
  • Use your mock papers to identify areas of weakness.
  • Just reading through your notes does not mean you are revising. This is probably the worst way to revise as hardly anything will go in.
  • Make mind maps or write down key points and try and recall them on another piece of paper.
  • Get someone such as a friend or a parent to ask you questions about topics. This is a great way to learn concepts as it means you are thinking about what you have to say and therefore much more goes in. 
  • Don't ignore complicated topics or those you find less interesting, you never know what will come up in an exam.
  • Use past papers to revise.This is a great way to revise as it not only tests what you know, but also helps you learn how to answer different marked questions and learn what different questions mean. This is especially helpful in subjects with longer questions such as English or History but is helpful in any subject.
  • When using past papers, practice timing yourself so that you are able to work out how much time you need to spend on each question.

  • Factor in free time but make the most of your day by setting aside time for each subject.
  • Try and stick to it! Don't worry if you miss something on your timetable, but do try to make up for it by fitting the work in sometime else.
  • Try and do a maximum of 4x30 minute sessions on a school night and 4x60 minute sessions on a non school day but remember to take breaks.
Other general tips

  • Find a quiet place at home where you won't be distracted by your family, TV or Twitter. Take short breaks every hour or so to give yourself a rest. Drink water and eat healthy snacks to keep your brain ticking over. 
  • Set yourself up with a reward after every revision session. Nothing extravagant - just a little treat to help you get back to your books.
  • Try and revise earlier in the day, don't keep yourself up all night as you will get stressed and tired.
I hope these help! If you have any tips to share then leave them in the comments section below. Remember that you should find a way that works for you and not just the way that you've been told, for example: youtube videos and online resources also help if you are more of an audio/visual learner so just find something that works and stick to that.


Love Lottie x


  1. this is a really good idea, sharing revision tips before it's too late! i haven't heard of the A* challenge before, but all my gcse targets are a*s so it sounds like a good one to check out! not getting enough sleep is probably my biggest problem haha, really working on that one. My teachers always say don't me 'comfort revisors' which is a good way of putting it - prioritising the things that went worst in the mocks!
    lily x

  2. My biggest problem is not getting enough sleep as well and not eating well so these are things that I definitely need to improve on and also the whole thing of only revising things I am good with already! Glad this post helped :-) x

  3. this was such a useful post! hope your mocks are okay! X

  4. all the best to you, girl!
    I have my exams in april (well, April 2nd to be exact) and I thank God that I gave the mocks in December for, now I know my strengths and weaknesses!



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