101 things in 1001 days

Thursday, 20 March 2014

This is a follow up to my earlier post about the 'zero day challenge'.

Here is the list of 101 things that I want to do/achieve in 1001 days:


1. Finish my GCSE's
2. Get B's and above in all my GCSE's
3. Get an A* in my French GCSE
4. Get an A in my English GCSE
5. Finish my A Levels
6. Get onto the university course I want

Things I want to buy:
7. A Scratchcard
8. A Lottery Ticket
9. A DSLR camera
10. A Lomography camera
11. The perfect prom dress
12. A Polaroid camera
13. An Apple Mac computer
14. My own domain name
15. Mac foundation
16. Some proper trainers

17. Get a part time job
18. Pass my grade 5 piano exam
19. Make more effort with my friends
20. Learn to be happy with myself
21. Inspire someone to make their own list
22. Make a signature milkshake
23. Dip-dye my hair
24. Finish a scrapbook
25. Take better photographs
26. Get my cartilage pierced
27. Get over my fear of escalators (#weirdfear)
28. Get better at public speaking/presenting
29. Complete a 'Wreck this Journal'
30. Become more confident
31. Have a more positive attitude
32. Be more organised
33. Make a bucket list
34. Got to the cinema at least once a month
35. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
36. Do something charitable
37. Grow my hair to my waist
38. Try and read 2 books a month
39. Learn how to cook a new dish every month
40. Find a perfect smoothie combination

41. Blogging/social media:
42. Go to a bloggers meet up
43. Still be blogging at the end of this!
44. Win a blog award
45. Attend a PR event
46. Start vlogging on my youtube channel
47. Get 1000 followers on my blog
48. Update my blog at least once a week
49. Make and meet new blogging friends

Healthy Living:
50. Lose (at least) a stone in weight
51. Stop eating so much!
52. Cut down on chocolate, sweets and cake
53. Stop eating white bread
54. Try being vegetarian for a week
55. Try being vegan for a week
56. Do a fitness DVD at least 3/4 times a week
57. Start running regularly
58. Try to eat 5 portions of fruit/veg a day
59. Walk to school everyday (except when it's snowing/icy!)

Things I have always wanted to do:
60. Participate in a colour run
61. Go to a book signing
62. Get an article published in a magazine/newspaper
63. See Coldplay live
64. Read all the books on my shelf
65. Have a huge waterfight
66. DJ at someone's party
67. Organise a surprise party for someone
68. Watch the 'Strictly come dancing' tour
69. Go and see a comedian live
70. Make a tie-dye T Shirt
71. Be in the audience for a TV show
72. Make a birthday cake for somebody
73. Stay in London for the night
74. Visit a foreign Christmas Market
75. Learn another language
76. Participate in a 'Color Run'
77. Have a house/garden party
78. Shop at Harrods
79. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
80. Organise a 'Come Dine With Me' event with friends
81. Send a message in a bottle
82. Meet someone famous
83. Go on a spa day
84. Do a Secret Santa
85. Pull an 'all nighter'
86. Go camping with a group of friends
87. Build a gingerbread house
88. Learn another instrument
89. Watch a West End show
90. Participate in a flash mob
91. Get work experience at a radio station

Places I want to go:
92. Italy
93. Brick Lane
94. Borough Market (again)
95. Paris (again)
96. More carboot sales
97. Winter Wonderland
98. Chinatown (again)
99. A music festival
100. Summer in the City
101. Australia

Those coloured in BLACK are things I have yet to start
Those coloured in BLUE are things I am currently doing
Those coloured in PINK are things I have completed

Some of these I know are a lot more ambitious than others but I wanted to make it interesting to see how many I could actually do - I know I will have fun with this - I promise to keep you all updated on how it's going :-)

Charlotte x


  1. You have some fab things on here! I would also love to go to Summer in the City as well as participate in a colour run! Good luck with it all, and a happy new year! Or in the words of high school musical "We're all in this togetherrrr" "we" being us two! haha, lauryn xxx


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  3. I want a DSLR and a mac so bad! I hope you achieve all your goals! All the best!
    Happy 2014!


  4. Weirdly I loved reading this post! I really hope you achieve all of the above :) Happy new year xx


    1. thank you! so do I :-) and happy new year to you too xx

  5. Such a brilliant idea!! I hope you manage to achieve everything you want to, I wish you the best of luck xxx PS. thank you for following me on bloglovin, I've followed you back, love your blog :)


    1. Thanks that's so kind - thank you for following I love your blog too :-) xox

  6. Hi I have nominated you to do the Liebster Award you can find the information here


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