BLOGMAS #4 Bloggers in Real Life!

Monday, 11 December 2017

So, as you may have noticed, the title says Blogmas #4. I have failed miserably at posting everyday, but realised there was enough time left before Christmas to do TWELVE days of Blogmas rather than 24(5?). Blogmas is fab but uni deadlines are not so fab, of which I have 3 in the next 8 days...

Today's post is inspired by a post my lovely friend Aileen did here about Bloggers she had met in real life, one of them being me! I thought I'd do my own version of the post as I think it's such a fantastic idea to meet bloggers who live locally (or perhaps not even so local!) as you've already got the common interest of blogging and probably are both into similar things, so will have loads to talk about!

When I first started blogging back in 2010/11 (I think it was then??) I had no idea that the blogging community would become so large, and that I would ever meet people doing the same thing as me! Meeting some of the people I have through blogging was the best decision I ever made as they are now some of my closest friends and people who inspire me daily to be better at blogging (and a lot of other things...)

Aileen and I have known each other for a really long time. I met her around 4/5 years ago, which is absolutely crazy! She's become one of my longest and closest friends on and offline, and is also excellent at blogging and has the cutest theme. Her photography has improved dramatically in the past couple of years and every post of hers is so pleasing to the eye. I love reading through everything she posts because I know it's going to be honest while still being witty and interesting. She is a fab person and puts so much effort into everything she posts, so go on over and have a read!

I met Livie last summer, after talking to her online for a couple of months, and realising she lived fairly near me, so we met up for lunch one day and have become really close friends in the past few months! She recently graduated from university with a degree in photography, so her blog is full of beautifully shot photos. She mainly focuses on lifestyle, with her wonderful trip diaries, and also how she loves the concept of hygge and minimalism, which is so well reflected on her instagram and blog! Definitely give her a follow as she's coming on leaps and bounds, and is an all round lovely girl.

Covet Luxe (Lily) is somebody else I've met in 2017 whose blog I'm in love with. She's a really wonderful and really fun person, and her blog is absolutely amazing! She's also doing Blogmas at the moment, and unlike me, has been very consistent with her posts. At the moment she's doing gift guides for various groups of people which are fantastic, and her current theme has got me so excited for Christmas! 

Kerry is somebody I met early in 2017, at the Norwich Fashion and Beauty week, where we had both been invited to the Hair and Make Up show, which was spectacular! Kerry is lovely, and she has amazing make up looks on her instagram and blog, where she frequently posts about Make Up Revolution products, and creates looks with these! She also has got into fitness and has been doing various runs up to 10k and is smashing it! (I defo couldn't do that). If you're into your make up and want some beautiful, but on budget looks, go over to her blog. 

Ramblings of a Blonde is a blog from the fabulous Abi. I met her this year at the #BloggersWhoBrunch launch event  after talking to her a few times, and it turned out that she went to the same university as I'm currently at which was brilliant! We definitely had a lot of things to discuss about UEA. Her blog is really pretty and she started a youtube channel a few months ago which you'll find on there too, so definitely take a look!

I really hope you enjoyed the post, I wanted to spread a bit of blogger love and Christmas cheer and thought this was the perfect way to do it, while introducing you to some new blogs you may not have seen before! 

Have you ever met anybody through blogging?

Love from Lottie x

BLOGMAS #3 Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Hyde Park)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

First of all, I'd like to apologise, it seems as though I managed to break Blogmas after 3 days... oops. My weekend was so hectic! I work every Saturday, and then had more work Christmas party, which was actually really fun!

Anyway, I got up VERY early on Sunday morning to make my way down to London, to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park! I'd never been before and was so excited to finally go after years of saying 'I really must go this year'. I made my way on the tube to Marble Arch from Liverpool St (I had to come from Norwich first). After having a bit of trouble locating each other, I finally met Henry and his 2 friends after what seemed like hours of saying 'are you near the Christmas tree... or the big wheel...where are you now?' It's a lot bigger than you think.

On first impressions, Winter Wonderland was just that, wonderful. There were swarms of kids with families, but plenty of couples and groups of adults who were coming for a fun day out and probably to drink a substantial amount of mulled wine! We'd managed to book a slot in the Ice Bar which was fantastic. I'd never been in to an ice bar before, but this exceeded all my expectations! Our tickets also came with a cocktail, served in a glass of ice! The room was full of ice work and places to sit, and we were also given ponchos and gloves to try and combat the cold! I'd definitely recommend going to this if you get the chance as it's a really unique and fun experience.

Another highlight was being able to go on the giant ferris wheel. It was just getting dark as we got on it, so we got to see the whole site lit up from above, and it was so pretty. It was a lot higher up than I anticipated and we got the best view!

If you like rides (which I don't really) then this would be the place of your dreams! All the rides looked great for those thrill seekers out there, but I was more at home in the bars trying some baileys hot chocolate or mulled wine! There's so much food on offer here as well, so if you want waffles, donuts, chocolate, ANYTHING sweet or yummy, you'll find it here.

All in all, Winter Wonderland was a great day out, although if you're looking for a cheap day out, ths is definitely not it, as being in London and being the huge event it is, everything is more expensive to accommodate this, but if you want a lovely fun day out for a little treat, then this is perfect and everything you'd want it to be.

Love from Lottie x

BLOGMAS #2 Pubs and Bars in Norwich

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Something I'm sure many of you are aware of if you follow me on my various social media platforms is that I'm at university at UEA in the small city of Norwich.

Norwich is one of those places that many people don't seem to know much about, tucked away in the corner of East Anglia, it's surprisingly buzzing and there's always something going on. One of my favourite things to do is go and discover pubs and bars in Norwich, there's something for every occasion. I once heard that there's enough pubs in Norwich to go to a different one everyday of the year? Whether there's truth in that, I'm not sure, but there's plenty around to go and discover.

The pictures above are from 'Be At One' and 'The Norwich Tap House' which are two of my fave spots for drinks in Norwich. Be at One is a fab cocktail bar which often has happy hour (normally till 8pm) and a load of offers as well. The bartenders in there are some of the loveliest you'll ever meet and they always make amazing cocktails! The Norwich Tap House is a bit pricey if you're just looking for your regular pint, but they have a great selection of local beers and they let you sample them first too which can be fun.

Another place I discovered recently which is fab if you're a gin love like me, is the Ten Bells pub in St Benedict's St. They have a huge selection of gins, which are actually fairly affordable for a student budget, and it has a lovely and relaxing atmosphere which is great for a chilled night with friends. There's also a really quirky bar along here called The Bicycle Shop, which does food etc. in the day, but at night-time, opens up downstairs into a really interesting and unique bar! It kinda has the vibe of an old library or something I guess, but it's a great talking point and also does shots of absithe...

Norwich is definitely one of those cities which is not raved about enough, it's host to 4 music venues, 2 universities, and a host of great events take place all year round. I'd love to go on for longer about how much I love it here, but you'd probably get fed up, so maybe just come and see for yourself, that's definitely the best idea!

Love from Lottie x

BLOGMAS #1 a round up

Friday, 1 December 2017

Here we are, we've reached the 1st December, meaning a few things:

- First day of my advent calender is opened (yay!)
- Christmas is in 24 days time
- Deadlines are getting extremely close
- My birthday is in 17 days

December is an exciting month! I hope through my blogmas posts, which I'm doing for the first time this year, perhaps on a whim, I get to record some fab moments and share them with you all.

I've been struggling balancing my blog with uni for the past year or so, especially since I've started second year. My blog is my creative outlet and I've loved seeing it build up over the past few years. I want this month to be interesting and different.

While I've been away, I've been dabbling my hand in a bit of the ol' student radio, which has proved super fun. Radio is something I've wanted to do for a long time, so my friend and I decided to audition for a show, and we got one! I'm considering doing a post on what radio is like and how it works. As someone who's always wanted to work in journalism, I'm finding the prospect of broadcast journalism super exciting, and very grateful that I've been able to dive into it this semester.

I've also been writing some articles for my student newspaper. I've loved writing more regularly and seeing my ability and ease at writing improve. I hope to continue with both these things in 2018 and would love to share them with you too!

I'm going to be writing about all sorts of things this month, but if you have anything you want me to talk about, then leave in the comments to! I really want to talk more about university life and what I've been getting up to in Norwich, as it's a fantastic city and I really feel at home here.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what December holds, as I turn 20 (whaaat) and leave my teenage years behind, maybe I'll somehow become more productive and better at adulting... we'll see anyway.

Love from Lottie x

Period Saviours I rely on every month!

Monday, 2 October 2017

As part of the #TalkingPeriods campaign by TOTM, I thought I'd write a little piece on the period saviours that I rely on every month. I say every month, but my periods have been so irregular recently that it's more every couple of weeks or so!

Relaxing baths are a must. I rarely have baths and prefer showers as I'm always on the go and tend to shower in the morning, but a lovely warm bath with bath bombs galore and lovely smelly things can really help me feel better. Just taking the time to relax and have some 'me time' for half an hour with a few candles and a book or so can be a great help to ease the pain.

I have a useless memory and when it comes to remembering when my period is going to start, I have a very vague idea indeed! Thanks to period tracking apps (such as Clue) you can keep track of your period, see when it's going to start and end and track patterns you see throughout your period such as: how much you bleed, fertile window and PMS. This really helps me as I know pretty much exactly what I'm going to experience each time and makes me recognise symptons of my period much better each month.

Like most girls, I crave sweet things on my period. We're all guilty of consuming more than the normal amount of chocolate (an understatement in my case!) but just having a bit of what you fancy can really satisfy your cravings, so don't make yourself feel guilty for that.

Green tea! Green tea is such a fantastic drink that helps me feel way less bloated and will keep you hydrated. It also comes in some great flavour combinations with ingredients such a lemon (full of vitamin C), peppermint (helps with digestion) and grapefruit (helps with bloating).

I have pretty good skin generally, but when it comes to my time of the month, I breakout! Tea tree oil products really help calm the skin. I also love the seaweed collection in the Body Shop as it gets rid of my breakouts really quickly and soothes the skin as they're such natural products, their overnight gel is a favourite of mine.

Drinking plenty of water will help keep you hydrated and make you feel a lot better. Although you may feel bloated it may be because you're not drinking enough water in the first place! Aim to drink about 2L a day. I carry round a waterbottle with me so I can constantly fill it up when I'm on the go and at university. You can also buy waterbottles with a tube down the middle like this one, where you can put fruit (e.g. lemon, strawberries and mint too) and hey presto, flavoured water with added vitamins!

I hope these tips have helped, take a look at the #TalkingPeriods campaign by TOTM for more posts like this and let's be more confident in talking about our periods!

A guide to Lulworth Cove, the gem of Dorset

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything in a fair while, I'm sorry! I've been lucky enough to have spent time in both Dorset and Spain recently, so I want to share both of these with you.

I stayed with my family in a lovely little village called West Lulworth, just up the road from the famously picturesque Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. The scenery in this area is just stunning with some breathtaking views and crystal clear waters. That alone made this area perfect for a relaxing break away from home.

So what did I get up to?


I ate (and may have drunk) SO MUCH on this holiday, no regrets whatsoever. Lulworth Cove itself has a few restaurants/pubs just up the road so we mainly dined in these. If you're into fish then there is plenty of choice here as restaurants and pubs get fresh catches of fish daily and means menus are changeable and very interesting! The Lulworth Lodge (that's where the goblet of Pimms was from) and Lulworth Cove Inn were my favourites here. Also if you're into your cider, then there's a pub about a mile from here called The Castle Inn which has a massive selection of local ciders.

There was also a lot of ice cream, everywhere.


All the photos above are from the nearby seaside town of Swanage. The seaside here looks like something from a painting! It's so pretty and such a traditional British beachfront full of holiday goers so had a great atmosphere. We spent a lovely day here gauging on pizza and ice cream for lunch and exploring the various art shops and pier.

I definitely didn't nearly buy the 'Bitches Who Brunch' Candle.

Sandbanks is another beach around 30 minutes away, a perfect stretch of sandy coastline, perfect for a whole day out at the beach.

Durdle Door is nearby; quite an iconic beach with the arch and is fairly easy to walk to from Lulworth Cove.


Of course! I had a super relaxing week here and ate and drunk a ridiculous amount of very tasty food! The views round here have you in awe of the beautiful coastline and leave you wanting to explore much more. There's also numerous coastal paths you can walk on which take you to other beaches that equally as pretty. Being near Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth means you're not far from bigger towns and amenities which also have lots to offer

I hope you enjoyed my post on Dorset and will get writing on one about Spain ASAP!

Lottie x

Why I stopped trying with beauty subscription boxes

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Contents of a Birchbox from 2014

Throughout the 4 years I have been blogging, I feel like I've tried every beauty subscription box under the sun. I've had subscriptions to: Glossybox, Birchbox, Latest in Beauty, Love Me Beauty, You Beauty Discovery Box in the past, and most recently, My Little Box. These of course, were not all at the same time as that would be rather a lot of pennies...

Beauty subscription boxes are fantastic in many ways. Beauty subscription sites often let you tailor your profile so that they send you products more relevant to your needs. Others let you physically pick the items that you have within the box. Many view subscription boxes as a 'try before you buy' type thing, as they are often a mix of sample size products, along with some full size ones.

At first this idea thrilled me. I loved being able to explore new brands and products that I would have never thought to use before and through subbing to these boxes, I discovered many brands that I still love and use today. I always liked the slightly luxurious element of the boxes too. Often it has been a way to try more high end, expensive brands that I never would've been able to get my hands on. The fact is, they are great value for money. If you add up the cost of everything you receive within your box and then compare to the original price you paid for the box, you've nearly always made quite a significant saving... but have you?

Do you know what? Nearly all the unused beauty items that I have piled in my room have come from, yes you guessed it, beauty subscription boxes. Don't get me wrong, I have found many gems under the lids of these boxes, however there are so many items that have come from them that are lying around in my drawers, untouched since I've taken them out the box.

This isn't the first time I've felt a bit unfulfilled with beauty boxes, even 2014 me knew something was up when I wrote a post about why I was disappointed with a Glossybox I had received!

Since becoming a student I quickly realised that beauty boxes were not really something I could justify supplementing into my tight student budget, and that it was fairly wasteful to be purchasing these boxes knowing that probably at least 2 or 3 of the products inside there would remain unused after I first intially tried them.

One of the main reasons I started subbing to these boxes was for the purpose of reviewing them. They've always been quite easy to write and photograph well. I would always find this becoming quite mundane after a few months subbing to a particular box and also became repetitive after a while. This would eventually lead me to stop feeling inspired to review them, meaning that they didn't really feel worthwhile buying. As well as this, I felt the products themselves becoming repetitive! Don't even ask me how many times I've received some kind of sample size product from Benefit, because it's definitely once (or 5 times) too many!

I'd rather spend the extra money I spent on subscribing to these boxes, on trying new products recommended to me by other bloggers and definitely think this is what I will do in the future if I want to try something new. Hit me up with your favourite product reviews in the comments, I'd love to read them!

Lottie x

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